What is First Year Music Producer?

First Year Music Producer aims to be a destination for new music producers to find the answers they need and to quickly gain the confidence, skills, and resources to stop thinking about producing music and just start producing music. 

Why “First Year Music Producer”?

Hey, I’m Terri and I’m a new music producer. I started this site to chronicle how to jump into music production. As a wanna-be producer myself, I realized one of the biggest roadblocks is how and where to start. There are tons of resources, forums, and videos out there, but it can be tough to sift through all the content. You may find yourself in a wormhole of Google searches, YouTube videos, and mental exercises in music theory. Personally, I simply found it difficult to dive and start, even though I’ve wanted to produce since I was a high schooler.

I want to help you get out of that rut and start creating. Since 2012, I’ve also been DJing and working as a music journalist. On First Year Music Producer, I’ll also be pulling together my insider network of music production pros to give you the best production tips, gear recs, and ideas on how to approach music production for the first time.

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