Do you know a music enthusiast who wants to produce? Treat them to a holiday gift that propels their interest and career. Every year, music gear makers roll out their newest, upgraded production and DJ hardware just in time for the holidays. Use this year’s holiday gift guide for electronic music producers to choose the right gift. We selected something for every price range!

Roli’s products, from their keyboards to responsive, multi-use blocks make great holiday gifts. Photo by Ben Arnold

How to Choose a Gift

  1. Price
    Like all material possessions in life, when you want something you have to know what you’re willing to pay for it first. Select your price range and we’ll provide fitting recommendations.
  2. Skill Level
    Next, consider what skill level your budding music producer is at. Are they just starting out? Have they already invested time in learning the craft? A beginner may want to excel at a more straightforward piece of hardware they can learn basics from before moving onto more complex or oddball gear. On the other hand, someone who already invested time and effort into producing may want something to challenge them. Consider what will help your family member or friend push the envelop on their craft.
  3. Interests
    Another important factor is the recipient’s interests, if you know them. Do they want to perform live or make music in a home studio?


  • A MIDI keyboard for the piano and music software enthusiasts out there. This price range offers some great, straightforward MIDI keyboards that are perfect for bedroom studio work all the way up to traveling performs. We rounded up our favorite MIDI keyboards under $100 here.
  • online music course for those that need a little extra guidance to get started. Thanks to online learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera, it’s easier than ever to jump into a new skill. You can read about our favorite Udemy courses for music producers here.



  • ROLI Seaboard RISE 25 — this brand new instrument is a wild new innovation in music gear. Although it looks like a piano, it’s soft silicon top responds to motions like swipe, vibrato, and much more to create a wider range of sounds and voices.
  • Korg Minilogue — this relatively new analog synth is a steal for $500. It’s been spotted in nearly every electronic musician’s studio, as well as on stage with the likes of Bonobo and Sebastian Mullaert.
  • Moog Sub Phatty — the classic Moog sound for the bass lovers in your life.
  • Roland TR-8 AIRA Drum Machine — Roland’s new AIRA series TR-8 drum machine has become ubiquitous in everyone’s studio or live set up, from bedroom producers to touring artists who crisscross the globe.

$1000 or more

Wow, you’re really going for it! Good for you. Of course there are more items in this list than we have time to mention here, and because you’re investing a lot in your special someone, it’s probably best to ask them exactly what they want.

Do you have more suggestions? Leave them in the comments and we’ll add them to our wish list next year!

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