Want to get the most out of your rhythms without paying a lot of money? Check out the best drum loops under $20 from one of our favorite sites, the Loop Loft. Download the entire sample pack and load it into your DAW’s user library. You can then use the entire mastered drum loop (e.g. it already sounds great) or clip the loop to more creatively use parts of the sample. Here are the best drum loops we found for under $20.

  1. Funk Meets Fusion – $15

    Jazzy, funky, soulful, and sharp, these drums are perfect for house producers who want to a unique flavor to their productions.

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  2. Odd Meter Grooves – $19

    Many drum sample packs out there are in 4/4 to cater to electronic music producers creating for a dance floor. Definitely one of the best drum loops we found for under $20. We love this pack for its unconventional beats, perfect for film compositions and experimenting. If you’re the kind of music producer that has a never-ending curiosity for new sounds, download this. You can also buy both Volume 1 and Volume 2 as a bundle for $34.

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  3. Jazz Sessions Volume 1 & 2 – $19

    Calling all jazz heads: drop everything and download these two volumes, produced by the Loop Loft. These beautiful samples span classic American styles to Latin and African infusions. You can bundle both volumes for the wonderful price of $29. That’s probably the better buy.

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  4. Thick & Meaty Drums – $15

    The name really says it all. Deep, full acoustic sounds to fill out your track and create an authentic, live feel. This is part of a four volume series called Multitrack Drums, which includes Funk Meets Fusion (above). You can purchase the series as a bundle for $45.

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These are the best drum loops under $20 from one of our favorite sample pack retailers, the Loop Loft. To see what else they offer (for over $20), definitely check out their site and explore. They also have a ton of drum loops recorded by top studio musicians, which we love for their unique styles.

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